About Bmore Dog Training – Professional Baltimore Dog Trainer!

George Leonard grew up training household dogs and attempting to befriend neighborhood animals. George was lovingly nicknamed “Manger Danger” by the family. While George is still not sure what that nickname means, this connection to animals was long predicted to lead to a career with animals. Determined to go against the grain, George studied Philosophy, Classical Languages and Gender Studies and Film/Media Studies while attending George Mason University. 

Still, George was always surrounded by dogs in daycares, dog walking, petsitting, and fostering animals for 7 years in Washington DC. After years of seeing well-intending dog owners deal with similar behavioral issues, George decided it was time get more educated on dog behavior. George eventually attended Starmark Academy and completed their 12 week program, after that George ran Ruff and Ready Canine for 2 years. George is thrilled to be teaming up with the Bmore-Monument Dog Training team in order to gain more experience and help as many dogs and owners as possible! George believes it is important to stay up to date in all methods and approaches to bring the best results to pet owners in the area.

As a dog trainer and behavioral specialist George experiences the benefits of balanced and results-based training. George credits dogs, Azula and Porgy for teaching some truly life changing lessons in the area of communication and relationship building. 

When not working with dogs, George loves video games, anime, studying languages, and cooking.