About Bmore Dog Training – Professional Baltimore Dog Trainer!

Tom Coaker is a professional Baltimore dog trainer and dog behaviorist providing dog behavior, obedience, and puppy training throughout Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

Before fulfilling his dream of becoming a full time Baltimore Dog Trainer, Tom worked as a college professor. These skills make him great with both his clients and their furry friends.

Tom has been certified through Canine Trade Group, an intense Professional Dog Trainer’s Course. The 320 hour program includes an in-depth study of canine learning theories, as well as several weeks of hands on-work, where he tackled even the most severe aggression and anxiety issues. Tom surpasses other trainers with his ability to personalize his training programs based on the specific needs of the dogs and their owners.

As an avid dog enthusiast, one of Tom’s goals is to make a difference in the lives of dogs troubled by behavior issues. He knows a stressed, anxious, or aggressive dog is not a happy dog. Tom takes pride in rehabilitating these dogs, and enabling them to live a happy, stress-free life. After all, a happy dog results in a happy owner! Tom’s goal is to keep dogs in their homes and out of shelters or worse, being euthanized.

Tom takes pride in being vet recommended and using a training program that has been successfully rehabilitating dogs for over 26 years! Tom has never met a dog he could not help.