Get Dog Training Customized For Your Dog! 

Get Dog Training Customized For Your Dog!  Looking for a Baltimore dog trainer that is going to offer a program designed to help you and your dog’s specific goals and behaviors? Bmore Dog Training provides in-home dog training to all dogs with all types of behavioral problems. What makes us better than most dog training … Continued

Recall Can Be Lifesaving

Recall Can Be Lifesaving When it comes to basic commands and obedience, one of the hardest things for most dog owners is instilling a solid recall or “Come” commands for their dog. This is because recall and “Come” is often necessary when a dog is very excited or distracted. It may not be a big deal … Continued

Jumping Is A Problem

Jumping Is A Problem  So you get home and your dog rushes to greet you and immediately jumps up on you, making it hard to get in the door, set your things down, and get settled. He also does this to guests and other family, which is embarrassing and increasingly difficult to control. Is this … Continued

Puppy Training Sets You Up For A Behaved Dog

Puppy Training Sets You Up For A Behaved Dog  When you adopt a puppy, no matter what breed they are, it is best to get them started in puppy training immediately, just ask our friend a dog trainer in Raleigh. Once a puppy is old enough to leave its mother at eight weeks, and then … Continued

What Causes Behavioral Problems?

What Causes Behavioral Problems?  Our Baltimore dog trainer at B-More Dog Training know that most behavioral issues have the same root cause: anxiety. Anxiety can be the cause of aggression, hyperactivity and simply bad manners. We draw upon a dog training method that has succeeded in changing dogs’ lives across the country for nearly three … Continued

Why We Work With Vets

Why We Work With Vets  As a dog trainer in the Baltimore area, I think it’s important to get to know my local dog-loving community. Many people are surprised to discover that I have a close working relationship with local veterinarians, but if at all possible veterinarians should always be kept informed of a dog’s … Continued

Older dogs CAN be trained

 Older dogs CAN be trained A lot of people believe that the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” must be true, otherwise, why would people say it? This saying often relates more to people, and it should because it’s simply not true for dogs. BMore Dog Training is here to help show you … Continued

Exercise Your Dog: Both Physically & Mentally

Exercise Your Dog: Both Physically & Mentally  Many dog trainers out there will always mention exercise as being a critical part of any dog training protocol. Depending on the dog (particularly with breed, age, and overall health),  I will advise owners to have a consistent exercise schedule with their dog. This schedule isn’t about letting … Continued

Leadership and Responsibility

Leadership and Responsibility  This might sound biased coming from a professional dog trainer, but training a dog is really not that difficult. With the rights tools and knowledge, you can build a strong bond between you and your dog, while teaching him/her the right manners and behaviors. But along with these things, a dog owner … Continued

The Benefit of Boundaries

The Benefit of Boundaries  Everyone has their boundaries. We set them for ourselves and also for others. Dogs have boundaries themselves too, and they often will communicate them to us and other animals. As responsible and loving owners, it is our job to set boundaries for our dogs and have them understand what they are. … Continued