Exercise Your Dog: Both Physically & Mentally 

Many dog trainers out there will always mention exercise as being a critical part of any dog training protocol. Depending on the dog (particularly with breed, age, and overall health),  I will advise owners to have a consistent exercise schedule with their dog. This schedule isn’t about letting the dog just run around in circles in the backyard, but exercise where the dog is also mental engaged. Whether you want to walk your dog, run with them, or play a fetch game for an hour, these can be good options to supplement your dog’s physical exercise schedule.

Our Baltimore dog training programs are designed to stimulate your dog's mind!But many dog owners think that when they have a hyperactive dog, all they need to do is wear the dog out where they are so tired they don’t care about being mischievous. Physical exercise helps and is recommended, but there needs to be more than that. Sending your dog off to dog daycare might exhaust them, but what about the days you don’t send them to daycare and they’re going nuts? What’s going on when they’re home and not as tired after a day of daycare? Are they still well-behaved? Are they dealing with anxiety and boredom? Are they acting out by being hyper, aggressive, or just generally disobedient?

Training can help your dog’s behavioral problems, whatever they may be. But training isn’t just about getting your dog to do a command, it’s about getting them to think and choose to follow that command. Training is about mentally exercising and challenging the dog, seeing if they can focus and follow through in any type of situation or environment, controlled or chaotic.

Even if your dog went to daycare seven days a week, what good is it if your dog doesn’t know their basic obedience skills? Many dogs in a daycare environment without basic obedience can also develop behavior problems, taking cues from other dogs (and that can be the crazy dog, the scared dog in the corner, or the aggressive dog that’s picking on everyone else) rather than following what you taught them. If your dog is hyper, it’s most likely because they are bored and/or anxious. Exercise your dog at daycare or on walks, but also address the internal struggle that’s occurring within your dog — mentally stimulate your dog and show them how to succeed through training!

If your dog has any behavioral issue, including hyperactivity, training can help your dog! It can also bring you and your dog closer, as you both work and find behavioral success and balance together! If you and your dog can benefit from my Baltimore dog training, call me at 800-649-7297 and we’ll get started immediately!