Get Dog Training Customized For Your Dog! 

Looking for a Baltimore dog trainer that is going to offer a program designed to help you and your dog’s specific goals and behaviors? Bmore Dog Training provides in-home dog training to all dogs with all types of behavioral problems. What makes us better than most dog training companies is that our professional dog trainer will meet you and your dog and create a training regimen that is customized to your individual needs.

dog being trained to walk on leashWhy go with a training program that is the same setup for every dog? Sure, there are some consistent elements that will be in all dogs’ training, but it is important that the program addresses what YOUR dog is going through, not everyone else’s dogs. For example, we work with a lot of aggression cases, ranging from dog aggression, human aggression, leash aggression, fear aggression, food aggression, and more. Our training program for a human aggressive dog is going to be very different than a training program designed for a puppy who is only learning basic commands and manners. Even our hypothetical human aggression case here will not have the same program as a food aggression case, as the food aggression case is more about a resource and maybe it is only directed toward other animals in the house, and not people.

Not only will our Baltimore dog trainer formulate a training plan that caters to your goals and your dog’s issues, but he will also create a plan that is commitment-based. When you sign up with Bmore Dog Training, you sign up for training that only ends when your dog has progressed and your training goals have been met! Not only will you get a custom training structure, but one where, as long as you are committed to your dog’s training, your dog cannot lose and will never be left behind!

Bmore Dog Training is a in-home dog training company that offers the best dog training services, both in commitment, rewards, and in individualized training plans for our clients. If you and your dog are struggling through some behavioral issues, let us help you! We work with all behaviors from anxiety, aggression, obedience problems, hyperactivity, potty training, puppy training, destruction, excessive barking, leash pulling, and more!

Contact our offices at 410.844.6611 to set up your initial in-home consultation with Bmore Dog Training!