Jumping Is A Problem 

So you get home and your dog rushes to greet you and immediately jumps up on you, making it hard to get in the door, set your things down, and get settled. He also does this to guests and other family, which is embarrassing and increasingly difficult to control. Is this a common scenario for you? Lots of dog owners have difficulty with dogs who jump up on them and while it’s easy to dismiss it as a common (if not annoying) behavior, jumping is a problem that needs to be addressed. In essence, this is a behavioral problem that stems from their sense of self within the home and your dog’s need for attention. Even a dog that isn’t particularly excitable may jump up on you from time to time to demand your attention, and it comes down to their house manners. For most owners, they find that their dog gets excited—maybe overexcited when he sees you or new people, and they have gotten away with jumping up before, so they do it again.

How Can We Fix It?

Teach your dog good manners with our in-home Baltimore dog training programs.

Kids can participate in our training , too!

Basic obedience training, easy to understand commands, and a strict routine of rules will clear up wayward behaviors like this. Our Baltimore Dog Training Programs can help address ways to reestablish boundaries between you and your dog to make it easier to tell them no – and actually have them listen. If you’re concerned because your dog is generally well-behaved and already spent time in behavior training before but still jumps, don’t worry – often, a simple set of reminders can put them back on the right track. It doesn’t mean you have a problem dog, it just means that you need to remind them of the correct ways to act and you need to be consistent with the same routines that established your groundwork behavior training.

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