Puppy Training Sets You Up For A Behaved Dog 

When you adopt a puppy, no matter what breed they are, it is best to get them started in puppy training immediately, just ask our friend a dog trainer in Raleigh. Once a puppy is old enough to leave its mother at eight weeks, and then go to their new family, they can begin training then. Training is about learning how to live in their new home with their new family, while also learning the boundaries and expectations of their new life.

Our Baltimore dog trainer can help get your puppy trained!Puppy training might seem easy and even like no big deal, but it is so beneficial for puppies and sets them up for success instantly, giving them better chances of growing up with little to no behavioral problems in adulthood. Puppies are brand new to the world and do not know how to live with their new human family; they only learned basic instincts and light socialization through their time with their mother and littermate. As a puppy’s owner and parent, it is our responsibility to show them what we want from them when it comes to behavior and manners.

To train a puppy, we have to lead, encourage, and create associations for the puppy to understand us and the real world. I’m a big fan of positive reinforcement, especially with puppies, because you are showing them what to do and how to follow appropriate behavior. Puppies should not be rushed into advanced training, such as agility, extreme focus exercises, etc. First, the basics have to be covered, such as potty training, simple commands, leash walking, and more. Confidence should be instilled in the puppy to prevent separation anxiety or fear from forming. As they become more acclimated to the home and training structure, a puppy will eventually discover their will to dominate. It is not our job to remove that, but to curb it into a more productive direction. Show the puppy what’s right and reward them for good behavior!

Our Baltimore dog trainer offers all the necessities of puppy training: house breaking, basic obedience, nipping redirection, leash behavior, socialization and desensitization, and more! If you have a puppy or plan on getting a puppy, don’t wait to train until they mess up and fail! Get started and prevent the opportunity for failure in the first place! A trained puppy will grow up to be a mature dog without any baggage or behavioral problems!

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