Recall Can Be Lifesaving

When it comes to basic commands and obedience, one of the hardest things for most dog owners is instilling a solid recall or “Come” commands for their dog. This is because recall and “Come” is often necessary when a dog is very excited or distracted. It may not be a big deal for some if their dog doesn’t have great recall, but it is an important skill for the dog to have, and in many cases, having that can save a dog’s life.

A solid recall can save your dogs life - Let our Baltimore dog training program help!Our in-home training programs will help you teach your dog recall. It is a big and important component of the distraction training in our in-home programs. Once we create a training structure that you and your dog can ease into and learn the necessary basics, then we transition into real world distractions and situations. This will help make your dog more reliable in the long run, and it sets your dog up for success immediately at the beginning of training. 

When we say that a solid recall can be lifesaving for your dog, we mean exactly that! Last month, I began working with a dog named Wilson, who was known for being a “Houdini” dog. He would escape the backyard whenever he could, and even if his owners caught him in mid-action, Wilson would NOT come back, especially if he was chasing a car or going to meet a neighbor’s dog. One day, Wilson jumped the gate again and got hit by a car. Luckily, he wasn’t severely injured and he recovered very quickly. However, this was when Wilson’s owners knew that they had to address his escaping and instill recall into his life.

Even if your dog isn’t an escape artist like Wilson, making sure your dog can come back when called is a very important skill for you and your dog to have. If your dog is ever off-leash (at the park, on a hiking trail, etc.), you should be able to recall them in the event they might get into mischief or a dangerous situation. For example, if your dog isn’t comfortable with other dogs and they somehow get loose and approach one, you can prevent a dog fight from occurring. Or if your dog is off-leash and hiking with you and they come across some dangerous situation or wildlife, being able to call them back to you can save them from trouble or a vet visit.

Teaching recall isn’t as hard as it seems, it just needs time and consistency. If you need help teaching your dog recall, our Baltimore Dog Training program can help! Call us at 800-649-7297!