What Causes Behavioral Problems? 

Our Baltimore dog trainer at B-More Dog Training know that most behavioral issues have the same root cause: anxiety. Anxiety can be the cause of aggression, hyperactivity and simply bad manners. We draw upon a dog training method that has succeeded in changing dogs’ lives across the country for nearly three decades. The key to our training’s success is that it focuses on finding where anxiety exists in the dog’s life and tackling it head on with a customized, in-home program.

Dog Trainer Baltimore Blog - where do behavior problems come from?We meet our clients in their home environment to pick out the problem areas that exist in the easiest way possible. We create programs for our clients that address specific needs and situations. We don’t offer blanket advice, or teach one specific way. Everyone is different.

It’s important to address any issues your dog may have before they get worse. This is true with separation anxiety. This isn’t a problem that your dog is going to grow out of on their own unless you make a change. Separation anxiety is one of the most common behavioral issues that B-More Dog Training encounters and we have been successful countless times in correcting the problem through our training method.

Our training is reward-based. We re-wire a dog’s brain to understand that when they make the right choices, they’ll be rewarded. Changing a dog’s way of thinking is the gift that keeps on giving because you can rely on your dog to react correctly in situations they’ve never encountered before. Our training is also commitment-based. We’re not through working with you and your dog until you have become the trainer yourself and are comfortable upholding a consistent level of training.

Consistency is one of the big keys to solving a dog’s anxiety. Once a dog knows what to expect, they can plan and understand what will come next and there’s no guessing. Just imagine if every day you went to work your boss had to make the decision of whether or not you got to keep your job. How anxious would you be? Dogs, like people, need to know what to expect so they can live cooperatively with you instead of second guessing and perceiving that maybe you aren’t their leader.

B-More Dog Training is ready to help you figure out where your dog’s anxieties are and address them directly and effectively with a customized plan. If you’re ready to get started with our Baltimore dog trainer, give us a call at 410.844.6611. If it’s easier for you, you can request more information or drop us a few lines using our contact form. Let’s get started on the road to an anxiety-free life for your dog!