Why We Work With Vets 

As a dog trainer in the Baltimore area, I think it’s important to get to know my local dog-loving community. Many people are surprised to discover that I have a close working relationship with local veterinarians, but if at all possible veterinarians should always be kept informed of a dog’s behavioral issues and training.

Baltimore Dog Training programs for all dogs - we can get your dog trained!While most people think of vets as dealing solely with medical problems, veterinarians play a key role in your dog’s overall physical health and well-being. Vets can usually only prescribe medications, but they understand that a dog’s physical health can often impact their behavior and that behavioral problems can also impact your dog’s health. Often, for example, older dogs might begin to act aggressively when they develop arthritis or suffer from housebreaking issues as a result of incontinence. Other dogs might develop health problems such as obesity due to their behavioral issues. Once I even worked with a dog that was so aggressive he’d even been banned from the veterinarian’s office. Needless to say, the owner knew that his dog would be in serious trouble the next time he got sick!

Because vets and dog trainers both have your dog’s mental and physical well being at the heart of our work, we often work together to improve the quality of your dog’s life. Veterinarians will often refer clients to me if they see a dog has a behavioral issue and could benefit from training. Similarly, by getting to know local veterinarians I feel I can also be a better resource for my clients. I often help clients find a vet that fits their unique budget and needs.

Of course, working together is about so much more than simple referrals—it’s about putting forth a team effort to help you and your dog live a great and long life together. With a dedicated veterinarian and a committed dog trainer, you and your dog are on the road to success!

If you have a dog whose physical or mental health are being impacted by a behavioral problem, I can help! Similarly, if you are a veterinarian or vet tech who is interested in learning more about my dog training programs, please contact me via our contact form or call 410.844.6611. I would be happy to host a lunch-and-learn at your clinic for you and your staff and chat more about how we can work together to serve dogs in our area.