Dog Training for New Parents

Cribs and Canines in Baltimore! 

Are you an expecting parent? Having a baby is a life-changing event for you, but don’t forget, it also is for your dogs! Dog training is usually one of the last things parents think about, but it is must be considered. When the baby comes home, it will change the entire household and all the occupants in it, including the dog!

While dogs are typically wonderful with children, the major changes a new baby can bring could cause great confusion and anxiety for a dog, potentially leading to problematic behaviors. This one of the last things a parent has to worry about while taking care of a baby.

What is Cribs & Canines?

We are going to ease your family’s minds by offering the Cribs and Canines training program. Using reward-based methods, we will not only teach your dog how to behave properly for the new family member, but also show you how to effectively create a consistent structure that your dog can succeed in, both before and after the baby comes home. Below are a few key features that are included in the Cribs and Canines program:

  • Building a basic foundation of obedience and recall for the dog, instilling good manners and eliminating any problematic behavior, such as inappropriate play, destructive behavior, poor response to commands, territorial aggression/guarding, and so on.
  • Showing the dog how to behave for a new baby, such as heeling/walking well with a stroller, calm and gentle behavior around and toward the baby, self-control when the owner/parent holds the baby, etc.
  • Creating a feasible protocol that the expecting parents can follow and teach their dogs in. Once the baby is born and comes home, the parents will be well-equipped to maintain that consistent mindset and atmosphere for the dog, so that everyone can thrive and build healthy relationships together.

If you think this is something you and your family can benefit from, please give us a call at 410.844.6611. If you are a current parent experiencing poor behavior from your dog that is directed toward or around your child, we can still help!