Baltimore In-Home Dog Training

Learn About the Benefits from In-home Dog Training!

Bmore Dog Training offers customized dog-training programs for dogs in the Baltimore area, and the best part is we come to you! Dogs and their owners are able to get one-on-one attention from a professional dog trainer with a plan that’s designed specifically for their needs.

What is in-home dog training like?

Lessons for our in-home dog training programs begin in your home, of course! During these first few lessons, your dog will have the opportunity to learn new skills in an environment free of outside distractions. This helps set him up to be successful once we move forward! You’ll also learn how to use this strategy to prevent any problems from developing in the future.

After both you and your dog are comfortable with your new skills, only then will we take them out in public. During this phase, we’ll be “proofing” your dog’s new skills to be sure that he can do them even around the distractions of every day life! These lessons are also designed to make sure you know how to handle your dog if he should decide to make the wrong choice and behave inappropriately. We’ll be out in public places, but these are still private lessons.

All behavior problems addressed!

In-home dog training addresses any and all behavior problems you’re concerned about, and also any behavior problems we spot that you may not have recognized. Your dog also learns reliable basic obedience skills, and you learn how to use them to prompt your dog for good behaviors! Finally, our goal is to help your dog become so well-behaved that you can take him anywhere without issues.

Remember, no dog is beyond hope with Bmore!

The Initial Consultation

One of the biggest advantages of our in-home dog training format is that your dog will be accurately evaluated in this home environment – a place where he’s most comfortable!

When trying to tackle a behavior issue it is very important to look at all the factors that influence the dog’s behavior, including the dog’s relationship with his family, and his lifestyle in his home environment. That’s why an in-home evaluation is so crucial; we are able to observe the interaction between the dog and his family, how they function in their everyday environment, etc.

Time to Get Started

Whether your dog’s behavior issues occur at home, while out in public, or both, please give us a call at 410.844.6611, or email us using our contact form. We would love to talk with you about how our programs work and how it can help your dog become the best expression of his/her personality!