Puppy Training in Baltimore

Baltimore Puppy Training – start your pup on the right paw!

Bmore Dog Training offers an in-depth puppy-training program to give you and your puppy all the information you need to have a balanced life together. Unlike the popular in-store classes, our puppy-training program will be personalized to your pup’s specific needs by a professional dog trainer with years of dog training experience.

Why is puppy training crucial?

It is important to start with puppy training immediately. A dog’s critical period of development is between 8 and 16 weeks of age, which is why it is crucial to introduce certain experiences during that time frame.

We will teach you the most effective ways to communicate with your puppy in their early stages of development. You will also learn exactly what you should be teaching your puppy at this point in their life, as well as prepare you for what you should expect from your puppy when he grows older and matures.

Prevent problems before they even have a chance to start!

The biggest advantage to our puppy training program is that you will prevent any future behavior problems, saving you time and money in the future!

Over the years we have interacted with numerous dogs and resolved their behavior problems. Often, after observing the dog’s behavior, we realize many of these behaviors could have been prevented with proper puppy training. Unfortunately, many behavior problems result from bad experiences during puppy socialization and bad advice given from novice puppy trainers with little to no experience.

What’s the deal with socialization?

These days there is a lot of hype around socialization. Although you may want to have your puppy interact with dogs immediately, there is a time and a place to introduce certain experiences to ensure your puppy will be feel calm and comfortable. This must be done carefully! Negative experiences during this time have just as much impact as positive experiences. That is why proper socialization is so important. Our professional dog trainers will give you the best tips, advice and strategies for socializing your puppy and making sure you avoid the negative experiences!

Ready to start your puppy on the right paw?

If you’re ready to have a well behaved puppy, give us a call at 410.844.6611, or fill out our contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you!