Our dog training Baltimore programs are very successful, but don’t take our word for it, check out what our former clients have to say: 

“When I decided to get a second rescue dog, I only knew she would be a bundle of cuteness and that I would love her unconditionally. So when Rigby began exhibiting behavioral issues at eight months of age, I of course wanted to thwart any problems. Her issues were fear-based, and her response to various stimuli was reactive. She would bully my older dog, she would chase after squirrels on walks, she would bark at approaching people and dogs on walks.

I tried different types of harnesses to get better control and I had another trainer work with her one afternoon, (silly of me to think one training session would solve all the problems, but a common misconception). That particular trainer gave me a “Band-aid” remedy that worked for a short time, but the underlying anxiety/fear issue was never addressed.

That’s when I contacted Tom at B-more Dog Training; I really needed help controlling Rigby in specific circumstances. Tom spent many sessions (not just one afternoon) of good quality time teaching me the concepts of Rigby’s “calm” place and of focus exercises. We (me and Rigby) practice these techniques regularly, and now I can truly say that I enjoy my walks with her; I even look forward to any challenges that may present themselves (squirrels, children, bikes, neighbors who want to chat).

Tom’s expertise has really helped me enjoy my time with Rigby so much more. She is a delight and I owe it all to the techniques that Tom incorporates in his training program.  Thanks so much Tom!” –Dr. Renee C., DVM – (Timonium, MD)


“Tom did a wonderful job helping us to train our pitbull rescue, Samson. Life for everyone in our house has improved! Anyone who comes to our home is very impressed with Samson’s good manners. We couldn’t be happier.” – Michelle M. – (North East, MD)

“My husband and I had been wanting to adopt a pit mix ever since we moved in together.  Shortly after getting married, we headed to BARCS and rescued Buster, a handsome little guy with a fantastic personality!  We both agreed that training would eventually be necessary, but we did not expect Buster to be the handful that he was.

BusterWithin a week of bringing him home, he became nearly uncontrollable.  He would have outbursts of energy: running circles around our coffee table, jumping onto the couch, and running into and knocking over our other (much older) dog.  It would take nearly 30 minutes to calm him down enough to keep him in one room.  When we would try to stop him, he would playfully nip and bark at us.  We put up a baby gate, in an attempt to keep him from running all over the house.  He would then bark at our other dog, when he saw her on the opposite side of the gate.

On walks, he would constantly pull on the leash and launch at any bird or squirrel within sight.  A couple weeks after we got him, he started barking and growling at people who would walk toward or near us.  Since many people are fearful of bully breeds, we decided training needed to happen immediately.  We began to research dog trainers in the area, and our vet recommended B.More Dog Training.  We liked the ability to have the training done in our own home, and the commitment guarantee was very appealing.  After meeting with Tom for our initial consultation, we knew B.More was the perfect fit.

Buster was a completely different dog, after just the first session. We were given the tools and knowledge necessary to enjoy our time with him, without the uncontrollable energy.  The growling and pulling on walks stopped immediately, and we feel more in control. He only gets on the couch when he’s invited, and is very content staying in his bed until we give him the “okay”.  Friends and family quickly noticed the difference as well, as Buster has become much calmer.  We now look forward to going on walks, and our family time at home is enjoyable.  We most certainly wouldn’t be here, without the help and guidance of B.More Dog Training!” – Audrey and Dan G. – (Baltimore, MD)

“I started to notice my dog Bentley ‘s behavior becoming increasingly aggressive, to the point I felt like I could no longer walk him safely. … I thought finding a new home to help him have the life he deserved was the best option. But I realized no home would be good for him, when his aggression was so severe. …. My home was where my buddy belonged. And my home is where he stayed.

I started working with Bmore Dog Training [and] I worked hard; with the tools I was taught to provide positive reinforcement and recognizing when my dog [needed] leadership from me. … We practiced our new skills together often. We were bonding and that had been something lacking as well. … As long as you do the work, you will see the results. Bentley graduated the program and was a completely different dog. In just a few months, I went from seeking a new home for my dog, to seeking new activities we could do together. Bmore Dog Training helped save me, so that I could save my dog. I will be forever grateful for Tom’s services!” – Maureen W. – (Baltimore, MD)

“My wife and I adopted Bodie as a puppy and were thrilled to make her part of our growing family.  We both grew up with dogs and understood the responsibilities, but we were unprepared for the challenges our pup had in store for us.  From a young age Bodie displayed shyness and fear around strangers, especially while in or around our home.  As she grew older and larger, she became more attached to my wife and myself, and her fear began to manifest as aggression towards people and other dogs.  We tried a few other trainers and some classes but we simply were not getting the guidance and commitment we needed.  When we found Bmore Dog Training and Tom we were tired, frustrated, and extremely concerned.  We could no longer have visitors in our home and our daily walks that were once so enjoyable turned into nerve-racking adventures – for both us AND the dog.

Our training sessions started slowly and with the basics, on Tom’s first visit he could barely make it past our front door without Bodie reacting very aggressively.  We focused on our behavior with the dog, how we contributed to the situation, and most importantly what we needed to do to make it stop.  Tom provided us with the foundation we needed to grow and improve our relationship with our dog.  Bodie still has her challenges today, but we now have the confidence to help her make good choices and become a balanced, well behaved dog.” – Dan and Beth P. – (Baltimore)

“My husband and I were seeking training to establish more order in our household after adopting a second German shepherd. We had a 5 yr. old female rescue that was anxious and fearful, which resulted in some behavior issues once we added a male puppy, so we needed this. Our vet recommended Bmore Dog Training and after meeting with Tom, we were eager to start. We liked that as long as we did the work, the support of the trainer would extend beyond the lesson completion, and that we were the ones learning how to be assertive and in control, rather than sending the dogs off somewhere. We had results after day one. Roxy, the female, is vastly improved when we have visitors or we go to visit someone; she no longer nips our guests or barks incessantly, and she’ll even take treats from strangers. Jack is also doing wonderfully. This was truly a worthwhile investment and we are happy to recommend Tom. We’ll likely be scheduling a refresher when it’s time to bring kids in the mix! We’ve learned more about how dogs communicate and understand human messages, and I really believe that any dog can improve with the appropriate approach.” –Agatha and Ryan H. – (Belcamp, MD)

“We did a lot of research on dog trainers prior to calling Bmore Dog Training, and I am so happy that I did because I really feel that I made the right choice for my dogs. Our two rescue dogs, Karl and Anabelle, are very dog friendly and generally pretty laid back. However, my husband and I started noticing both of them, and especially Karl, getting more easily wound up on walks, and becoming very anxious and leash reactive at the sight of other dogs. Built as solidly as they are, they were already world-class tuggers on the leash, despite trying everything we could think of to get them to walk on a loose leash (treats, toys, harnesses, collars, gentle leader, you name it). So combine that with the new tendency to wig out at the sight of other dogs on leashes, and walks around the neighborhood suddenly became very complicated and stressful. Not to even go into the fact that Karl’s favorite way to try and express his love for certain visitors to our home was to try and jump up and lick them in their eyeball…

After speaking with several friends about various dog trainers and doing my own research online, my husband and I scheduled a consultation with Tom. We felt comfortable right from the beginning, and I could tell that the dogs did too. I was very happy that the training would not be solely treat-based, and I felt very comfortable that the corrections we were taught to give were firm, but calm and humane. Tom was very patient and encouraging with us throughout the training process and whenever I had questions or concerns, he was always supportive and quick to respond. I am so grateful to have found a trainer who is as patient and caring with people as he is with dogs (harder to come by than it may seem from what I’ve heard). Each training session felt very comfortable, since they took place in our home, and the dogs both improved with every visit. I loved being able to have flexibility in scheduling our training sessions, and I found that having a little more time between each session made it much each easier to reach our goals and encouraged us to work harder in the mean time so that we could continue to see improvement each time.

Walks are much more pleasant now that Karl and Anabelle have learned to walk on a loose leash, their recall has improved tremendously, and they have learned that playtime happens outside, while inside is a place for calm, quiet behavior. Their focus and response time to commands have also seen great improvement. Before training with Tom, I would have thought that achieving a down with focus while outside on a walk with Karl was impossible, but not anymore! Training is a lifetime commitment, and takes a lot of patience and consistency, and I feel that the tools we’ve been given by Bmore Dog Training, and the improvements we’ve made already, have really set us up for long-term success and a calm, happy life with our dogs.” –Michelle and Adam S. (Baltimore, MD)

“Several months ago I went to pet my dog Charlie goodbye and something extremely unexpected happened. He bit me. I petted him once and went back to pet him goodbye one last time. This is when he lunged at my face. He grabbed my chin and luckily I was able to push him so that he’s bite went to my arm instead of my throat. It was extremely terrifying. Out of fear and uncertainty of what Charlie may do next and if this problem would be worse the next time, my mom began looking for solutions. She found Bmore Dog Training and immediately set up an appointment for Tom to come out to our home and hopefully start this training process. At the time we were unaware and unsure of what exactly we needed to do. We just knew we needed to do something.

From day one we all had a positive outlook that Tom would help us get Charlie (and I now realize us as well) under control. As the training went on there was huge improvements with Charlie that continue to this day. Not only has Tom helped Charlie improve but he has also helped us improve with him. Each training session opened our eyes to see what WE need to do to make sure Charlie’s training is as successful as it needs to be. This entire experience has shown that it’s more than what our dog can do but what we can do for our dog. Tom has helped our family in so many ways to give us the right tools to make this happen.

This entire experience has been a great one. Tom is a great trainer that has helped both our family get Charlie under control and also helped me eliminate my fear of Charlie.  I no longer feel the need to keep my distance from Charlie or even feel uncomfortable around him. I was able to learn what a dog needs in their life and what I need to do to make sure my actions help Charlie succeed and be one happy pup! Tom was able to point out what I was doing wrong and needed to fix so Charlie would fix his behavior at well. This was truly a blessing to our household because we now have a more predictable, calm and no longer aggressive dog.” –Jackie & Ashley C. (Pasadena, MD)

“Toby was an anxious 3 yr. old Border Terrier, when Tom first met him. He had pretty much the run of the house and was hyperactive and obnoxious, bothering people who would walk by the rear of our property. He had even broken through our electric fence a couple times to go after dogs he particularly didn’t like. That had to stop. He would also bother guests in our home.

Tom told us about training boot camp for Toby and the readjustment he would have to make–and we would have to make as well. His performance and the diligence of the owners were at times inconsistent, but he made progress.

On walks he is now civil and relatively peaceful. Originally, he would react to dogs, bikes going by, joggers, and cars that were particularly noisy. He also had a dislike for UPS, Fed Ex and USPS trucks.  Now he walks like a normal dog, and when I praise him, he looks up and “smiles” with great pride.

In the house, he is also much better behaved. When friends and family visit, after some initial excitement, he calms quickly and doesn’t cause scenes like he once did.  Regular guests even have commented on his improved behavior.

We appreciated Tom’s dog IQ along the way, as we became enlightened and have learned much. We are better owners, and that is where it all begins.  We believe there are no bad dogs, and learned “you CAN teach an old dog knew tricks”.” – Jim L. (Lutherville, MD)

“We got Apollo at the age of almost 1yr old. The person that owned him before didn’t want him anymore, because his wife was pregnant and he had not consulted her when he first got the dog anyway, which was crazy. We don’t know much of the story but we believe Apollo was kept in a crate for mostly and not given enough food, water or attention. Basically we believe he was neglected. We were told he was housebroken and other things that weren’t exactly true.

I called BMore Dog Training based on just finding your company on the Internet, liking what I was reading about it and spoke with Cristin, who was very helpful. I told her our issues with Apollo, which in addition to sometimes urinating in the house, were hyperactivity, not liking his crate, chewing things and fear aggression with people coming around my husband or his vehicle, etc. We were pretty stressed out when I called, and we had already used another dog trainer whom we had used for our other two dogs, but though she is good, I didn’t feel she gave us what we needed for Apollo. Cristin set up an appointment for Tom to come out and meet us. I was apprehensive about Apollo meeting him for the first time, in case he tried to get assertive, but it went well.

After finding out our needs and meeting Apollo, Tom set up a plan for us. I liked that it was individualized, and I also liked that it wasn’t treat-based. During our training sessions Tom and Apollo really bonded to the point that at the end, Tom said he was a “star pupil”. Apollo liked to learn and is very smart. He picked up things fast, and I couldn’t believe how quickly Tom was able to get him to like his crate, which he now wants to go in it all the time. He doesn’t urinate in the house anymore or chew things he shouldn’t. He is still excitable, but not the way he was before. He is much easier to deal with now, good at the vet’s office and around other people, without the separation anxiety or fear. He also walks nicely on a leash. Apollo is a much easier dog to deal with and he made great strides; we truly thank Tom for that. He is the best dog trainer I’ve ever used. He’s firm, but not aggressive with his training methods and personality. I recommend him to anyone that’s looking for a dog trainer and think his method of training is the way to go.” – Natalie and Fritz F. (Perry Hall, MD)

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